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Updated: 13 min 17 sec ago

German Fairtrade cocoa sales double in 2016

11 February, 2017 - 12:43
"German manufacturers bought around 27,000 tonnes of Fairtrade cocoa in 2016, double the amount of the previous year, bringing the market share of fairly-traded cocoa in the country to 6%"
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Child Slavery Claims Against Nestle, Cargill Get One More Chance

12 January, 2017 - 09:31
"Six men forced into slavery as boys to harvest cocoa pods have a second chance to go after some of the world’s biggest chocolate companies in U.S. court, saying the companies should have known their suppliers used forced labor."
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Certified coffee, rightless workers

11 January, 2017 - 08:58
The fifth issue of Monitor – a newsletter that publishes Repórter Brasil’s studies on industries and production chains – reveals that even certified coffee farms still fail to guarantee workers’ rights.

The issue published in December 2016 enumerates several labor infractions by coffee farms in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. 

Included in the report are claims of farms employing unregistered workers, paying below minimum wage, not fully paying workers, and not providing mandatory benefits.

Download the report

Linking Ugandan farmers to organic and fair trade markets

5 January, 2017 - 09:13
United we stand, divided we fall. This motto defines what NOGAMU is trying to promote among farmers. To ensure that Ugandan farmers are able to sell their harvest at a fair price and grow their business, the National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU) helps them to become organised into groups or cooperatives and to become more empowered. As a part of a cooperative, a farmer has the security to sell his harvest at a better price and can also learn to farm more sustainably.

Find out more about the project financed by the TDC.

Bringing South Africa’s Small-Scale Miners Out of the Shadows

4 January, 2017 - 16:06
"In a country with unemployment rising above 25 percent, South Africans are increasingly looking for job creation in small-scale mining, an often-informal industry that provides a living for millions across the continent."

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Slovakia: More interest in fair-trade products

4 January, 2017 - 08:27
Slovaks are more interested in buying products bearing the fair-trade brand, while the number of such products in the market is also increasing. Currently there are 58 such brands representing 289 products. But Slovaks are still in the early stages when it comes to awareness about fair-trade products.
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Fairtrade suspends Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association

3 January, 2017 - 15:55
"The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) is currently suspended by the Fairtrade inspection and certification body, FLORCERT, after an audit revealed that a Minister of Government was delivering cane to the factory even though there are claims that he is not a registered cane farmer."

Read further the article by Micah Goodin in Amandala.