Ecocert Fair Trade

Initially established in the domain of organic farming in France, Ecocert has gradually dieversified its activities in Europe and beyond, creating its own Fair Trade sytem, known as EFT "Ecocert Fair Trade in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility".

Established in France in 1991, the Ecocert inspection and certification organisation is a legacy of the communal movement linked to organic farming in the 1970s and was initially limited to a small group of green activists. Since the mid-1990s, it has become established in several European countries (Germany, Portugal, Spain, etc.), gradually expanding beyond the frontiers of the Union into Africa (Madagascar, Burkina Faso, etc.), Asia (China) and America. This rapid expansion has occasionally been challenged. In Belgium, for example, the representatives of this organisation abandoned the Ecocert ship to set up a new organisation (Certisys) in March 2007.
This has not prevented Ecocert from becoming a benchmark for organic certification throughout the world. In 2007, Ecocert France developed its own fair trade system.  Known as EFT (Ecocert fair trade in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility), it provides the consumer with guarantees similar to those offered by Max Havelaar. Thus, EFT membership requires payment of a guaranteed minimum price to producers, the existence of a social fund for financing development projects, technical and commercial support for disadvantaged producers and good agricultural farming practices (organic certification is required for bananas, flowers and cotton). Irrespective of the volumes marketed, these requirements apply to the food processing sector, cosmetics and textiles.  Special feature: Transportation by air is discouraged.
Today only Ecocert carries out inspections. It is currently undergoing ISO 65 certification, to demonstrate the independence of these inspections.