Fair for Life (IMO)

The Fair for Life certification programme was launched in Switzerland in 2006, by the Bio-Foundation and IMO (Institute for Marketecology) with the explicit intention of distinguishing itself from the system set up by FLO International. The objective was to allow all fair trade producers and operators - including those who were unable to join the FLO system – to benefit from independent certification evidencing their observance of criteria such as: rejection of forced labour and child labour, freedom of association, safe and decent working conditions, etc. The Fair for Life label is applied to agricultural produce (fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, oils, etc.), and also to seafood, cosmetics, textiles, crafts and even toys. Fair for Life also offers its certification programme (the “IMO Social and Fair Trade Program”) to larger businesses, which, without necessarily having specific certified production, wish to show, from a neutral and independent viewpoint, that they observe the highest social standards and the general principles of fair trade. Although only established relatively recently, Fair for Life believes it has contributed to improving the income and living conditions of thousands of workers, small owners and small farmers in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The label symbolises commitment to respecting animal and plant life, without requiring agricultural production to be “organic”.