Indigenous Shipibo-Conibo population exports first container of certified wood thanks to TDC

The region of Uyacali in the northeast of Peru is home to the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo population who live off forest exploitation. With the help of the Peruvian ONG AIDER they founded an enterprise called Cite Indigena in 2014 which allowed them to apply for support of the Trade for Development Centre (TDC) for training, the building of a storage area and the search for a suitable market for their FSC certified* wood.

The logging of the Amazon rainforest in Peru has been legalised, be it under sustainable criteria with respect for the preservation of the environment. Juan Chavez, one of the representatives of Shipibo-Conibo and Juan Manuel Benites, the Peruvian Minister of Agriculture, came to an agreement on the legal framework of controlled logging. This agreement is crucial for Cite Indigena to attract foreign clients and to receive a fair price for their wood.

This month, the first container of wood was sent to the United States. A historic day according to Diana Mori, representative of the Amazon population: “We are proud to have developed a productive chain that responds to the quality criteria,” she said. The success was due to the fruitful collaboration between the Peruvian government, the ONG AIDER, the private sector, the indigenous populations and TDC.

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*The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council offers consumers a guarantee that the wood or paper they buy comes from a forest that is being managed in a manner that preserves its biodiversity and is socially beneficial and economically viable. "Socially beneficial" means that the FSC protects the well-being of the local communities living in or close to the exploited forests as well as the operators and forestry workers.  For more information on FSC: