Marketing support of TDC for mango producers in Mali
Mango trees in Yanfolila, one of the main mango producing areas of Mali.

The USCPY ("Union des Sociétés Coopératives de Producteurs de mangues de Yanfolila") is active in the Sikasso region. It groups all mango producers' cooperatives of the Yanfolila circle, one of the main mango producing areas of Mali. 

The organisation covers more than 168 villages and hamlets.
All mango producers of Yanfolila have now joined one of the 19 cooperatives, each of which has between 30 and 200 members.

For its members, USCPY:

  • provides capacity development to improve production and commercialisation.
  • supports organic certification of two cooperatives and fair trade certification of three cooperatives.
  • supports the organisation of grouped commercialisation.

Evaluation by the TDC

An evaluation conducted in September 2015 by the TDC highlighted the following:

  • Even though there are many processing and primary packaging actors, units and factories, many producers do not succeed in making a profit from their orchards – with part of the mango crops wasted due to rotting – because there is a lack of commercial organisation and because producers and their cooperatives have poor negotiating skills.
  • There is a major need for a better understanding of the market, outlets and clients.

Support of the TDC

The TDC decided to send a consultant to assist the Union with strategic and operational marketing. The USCPY coaching programme will consist of 4 modules:

1. Coaching in the complete analysis of the business activity of USCPY: training in gathering and interpreting business and marketing data (Who are my clients, my competitors? What costs do I have? Which are the market trends?)
2. Assistance in formulating USCPY's strategic axes (elaborating marketing and strategic plans) and in formulating a possible later TDC-financed project.
3. Assistance in operationalising and implementing the marketing plan (promotion and communication tools, sales tools, etc.).
4. Possible follow-up module: update of key figures of monitored activity, customised coaching at the  organisation’s demand. 

Financial support of the TDC: approximately 20,000 euros + potentially 15,000 euros for further development of the marketing plan