Naturland Fair

Naturland is an organisation that is protecting organic farming throughout the world by supporting this type of agriculture, it is trying to maintain the existence of small producers, who use sustainable methods, which preserve local ecosystems.

Although the Naturland logo was only visible on agricultural products in the 1980s, today it can be found in forest management, fishing, textiles and cosmetics.

Today, some 50,000 farmers belonging to the Naturland organisation cultivate 275,000 hectares of land throughout the world.  Their numbers grew significantly in 2008.
Naturland is an international label, which is characterised by the observance of high standards. It certifies to the consumer that products bearing its logo have been produced using organic farming methods, and have not been subject to genetic manipulation.
Naturland is active in the domains of organic forest management, textiles and cosmetics, and in the fisheries sector.
Its certification criteria take into account the social commitment of the businesses concerned, with particular attention paid to the health and safety of workers. Emphasis is also placed on preventing the use of children in illegal labour and instead giving them education. A fair partnership project allows manufacturers to receive a certificate when they enter a fair commercial relationship with the farmers. Naturland believes that organic farming can help to fight poverty, when combined with other conditions such as fair distribution of land, political support for agricultural research, and the implementation of modern infrastructures and technologies. In other words, organic farming contributes to protecting the environment and biodiversity.