The TDC supports producers’ groups in the South that have a fair and sustainable trade approach. The goal is to give them market access and allow them to sustainably generate revenue from production. Support can take on various forms and different forms of support may be combined.


The TDC offers financial support that may be used at different levels:

- Strengthening the organisation, for instance, through training in management.
- Strategic marketing and communication, for instance, through participation at trade fairs.
- Technical production skills of producers and the organisations: product development and product quality improvement.

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For the 2014-2017 period, 52 grants were awarded in 16 countries.

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Coaching in marketing and financial & business management

The TDC also coaches producers’ organisations in marketing as well as business and financial management. Coaching is fully customised to the beneficiary organisation and adapted to their level and needs.

The marketing coaching programme is composed of various modules and aims to accompany producers in strategic marketing, promotion and sales. In 2016, the TDC coached 22 enterprises in marketing, for a budget of € 562,450. 

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The TDC also offers coaching in organisational and financial aspects of the organisation: this goes from cost price calculation to the development or improvement of the business plan to risk analyses.

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Market information

Finally, the TDC tries to supply producers’ organisations with useful market information that can help them (better) position their organisation. We do this by conducting our own market studies or sharing available information.