World Fair Trade Association (WFTO)

Two thirds of the members of WFTO are organisations in the countries of the South who participated in drafting the system documentation and the methodology for obtaining certification.

The WFTO is an international Organisation of 350 associations working in the Fair Trade movement. With a presence in 70 countries, the WFTO helps small member producers out of financial insecurity.

The goal of the WFTO (formerly IFAT) is to help small producers improve their living standards by committing themselves 100% to fair trade.
More than 110 million farmers, growers and artisans have adopted this model and generate revenues of some 2.2 billion dollars.
They are distributed over 70 countries, in 5 regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Pacific). The WFTO has 4 regional offices (COFTA in Africa, AFTF in Asia, IFATLA in Latin America and WFTO-Europe), which support their members in obtaining access to markets, legal assistance and marketing tools. The global network represents the fair trade chain in its entirety, from production to sale. To be a member of the WFTO, the candidate enterprise must already have chosen to operate within the rules of fair trade and prove that sales of fair trade products constitutes at least 50% of its total turnover. Organisations that promote and support fair trade, academics, writers, journalists and other personalities who bring skills or support to the sector may also be members.

The WFTO does not just offer support and tools to its members, it also positions itself as an organisation that advocates fair trade growth throughout the world. In other words, it is a platform that brings together small producers and all the operators working for the promotion or development of fair trade.